Our history

LBEG has existed in some format since the 1980s, when the London Boroughs Energy Management Group joined forces with the London Utilities Consortium to challenge monopolisation of the gas market. After a number of years of successful partnership, the groups formally merged in 2003 and ‘LBEG’ was officially established. Since then, the group has continued to come together to share knowledge and promote best practice on energy management, carbon reduction and sustainability across London and the surrounding areas.


Our objectives

  • To provide a non-political forum for discussion and debate of issues relating to energy use and management.
  • To develop and share best practice.
  • To provide a platform from which the views of members may be presented to government, quasi government and other organisations

Our funding

LBEG does not receive any core funding and relies on annual subscriptions from members to cover basic costs.   There is an annual membership fee of £200.   


Our constitution

The LBEG Constitution
LBEG Constitution (May 2016).pdf
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