Intelligent lighting control

This is an excerpt from the minutes from our meeting in October 2017


Bexleyheath Library Case Study


Danny Kyle and Craig Allen, Feilo Sylvania


For Bexleyheath library, energy saving was their first objective, a lighting solution was secondary.  The installation was done at night time to allow ongoing service to customers.  The system gives power to local users, for example they can change light levels themselves for book launches, school holiday events, etc. 



We’ve already had some great customer feedback.  Savings opportunities include reduction in energy use, reduction in maintenance costs and fewer call outs.



Our intelligent lighting system – Sylsmart – is self-learning and predictive: it puts lights on when and where you need them and provides the right amount of light, in the right place, for the right amount of time.



Sensors are built into fittings in the factory.  The sensors in each light fitting all talk to each other: no additional hardware or wiring are required, and there’s no compatibility issues.  Just plug in and the luminaires will auto-configure: no commissioning required.  The sensors create their own Bluetooth 5 mesh which is self-healing (recreates mesh if 1 unit replaced): it fails ‘on’ if the sensor fails.



You can specify minimum light levels – eg in unoccupied corridors @ 30% - controlled through an app.  You can also have a wireless and battery-free wall-switch which can override controls, eg for presentations.



The system adjusts light output over time to ensure surface lighting remains as required.  The system also feeds into BMS and heat maps (eg can alter cleaning pattern if rooms not used).  This can also be also useful for security and catering requirements because you know roughly know how many people onsite.  You can use the data to generate better value.



We replaced T8s with LED in around 450 fittings on 2 floors (including non-public areas), alongside the smart lighting controls.  The costs and savings were:


  • Lighting costs were c £27.5k/year
  • Proposed costs £3k/year to run - £24.5k/year saving
  • £80k install cost = payback of 10 years (just energy) or 3 years with all costs (including maintenance).  We can finance this – eg spread over 10 years
  • Expecting actual savings to be even better than this, based on 3 months monitoring (sub-metering on lighting circuits)
  • Reduction in cooling not included in calculations